Where are your Pick-Up Locations?
Available Pick-Up Location
√ Kahului DSA Office
√ Lihikai Elementary A+ (contact YMCA)
√ Pomaikai Elementary (contact YMCA)
√ One Main Plaza (Waste Mgmt.)
√ Maui Medical
√ DOH (Family Services)
√ DOH (Disaster Relief)
√ Legal Aid Offices
√ Central Pacific Bank
√ Pacific Whale Foundation
√ Corporate Counsel (County Building)
√ Liquor Control
√ Chris Hart Partners
√ Prosecutors Offices
√ Re.Prop. Tax Offices
√ Gammie Home Care Office
√ Maui Waena Intermediate
√ Maui High School
√ Wailuku Elementary
√ Irrigation Supply
√ Maui Police Department
√ Unemployment Division
√ Maui Food Bank
√ Mutual Underwriters
√ 4th Floor
√ County Building
√ 7th Floor County Building
Do you have minimum orders required?
Yes. There is a minimum amount of $10 required amount per order.
Do you have Delivery Conditions?
Yes. You can place your orders from Tuesday - Friday. Delivery happen every Tuesday. However we only deliver to businesses and not to individual addresses.
What are your hours?
Kula Country Farms operates all year long.  Our farm stand that is located on Kula Hwy, a few yards past mile marker 13, across from Rice Park is currently open from Monday thru Friday 9 to 5, Saturday 9 to 4 & Sunday Closed
Where are you located?
We are located right off Kula Hwy, a few yards past mile marker 13. across from Rice Park (view map and get directions)
Are you organic? Do you spray? Do you use pesticid
We practice sustainable agriculture which incorporates many techniques that are a part of any good organic farm. We have a page on our website that explains sustainable agriculture and how it relates to organic. Click on About Us. Please feel free to visit it and contact us if you have any additional questions.
Do you have restrooms other than porta-potties?
We like to call our restrooms "farm bathrooms". As we are a Produce Stand on a farm that is ever changing, we shy against putting in facilities that would require permanent changes to the farm. We do our best to provide "farm restrooms" that are clean and user friendly and we thank you for your understanding.  You can also visit across the street and use the restrooms at Rice Park.
How do I get started ordering produce boxes?
We currently offer delivery to different businesses in Wailuku, Kahului, Upcountry, and Maalaea. If you are a business and have 10 or more co-workers interested in ordering. please email Kulacountryfarms@hawaii.rr.com for more information on setting up your company.