Kula Country Farms is a local farming family. We are the fourth generation to farm in Kula and we do our best to grow the most flavorful varieties using the best farming techniques to produce them. We chose not to certify our farm “organic”, but did choose to get our farm certified in “Food Safety” Our Food Safety audits are conducted by Primus Labs and our past December 2011 audit achieved a 98% score.Many crops that we produce on our farm is sold never require spraying, because we do practice IPM(Intergrated Pest Management). We do practice rotation and grow cover crops to attract beneficial insects and nematodes, and promote life. When we need to spray, we use organically accepted and the least toxic chemicals that are available for our crops. Our focus as farmers and parents is to maintain environmental balance. Fertilizers are used to supplement when plant nutrition cannot be met by natural reserves in the soil. We care about our “Aina” and are always researching new ways and new materials to help us “take care” for our future, our children, and our island, Maui.

At our produce stand we offer our produce along with other island farmers fruits, vegetables, flowers, jams, jellies and fresh baked goods. We support the local farm movement and do not discriminate. We invite organic, sustainable, ranchers, hydroponic, etc… to sell at our stand as long as we understand their food safety practices.

Kula Country Farms produce can be purchased at Costco, Safeway,Times,Wholefoods, wholesalers, local retailers, restaurants all across the State of Hawaii and United States.